Many Florida homeowners know it's important to have installed Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets in their homes or buildings.

This type of outlet is designed to shut off any electric circuit that determines current is flowing along an unintended path. This path could be anything from water to a person.

With general purpose 120-volt household circuits the outlet is designed to measure the flowing current. When current leaves the hot side of a power source via the black wire, it is compared it to current returning to the power source's neutral side on the white wire. If the two sides aren't equal, the GFCI outlet will turn the power off.

There are two different types of GFCI outlets. One is GFCI circuit breakers and the other is GFCI receptacles.

GFCI circuit breakers are installed in the electrical service panels similar to standard breakers. This type of GFCI outlet is used when all receptacles on the circuit need to have ground fault protection.

GFCI receptacles are installed in a similar way as ordinary outlets. If the leads from the service panel are connected correctly to the line terminals, anything hooked up to it on the load side of the circuit will be protected.

We only install high quality GFCI receptacles. When it comes to safety and reliability, our priority is your family and your home.

Why hire Kings Electricians for GFCI installations? Is it important to have any type of GFCI installations done by a qualified electrician. Not only will our electricians insure the job is done right, but we can also provide additional recommendations or address any code compliance issues. The installation of GFCI device also can offer property owners and tenants a level of protection from electrical hazards, but it will never replace someone using good common sense.