When a circuit breaker breaks down it is very important to get it replaced or repaired as soon as possible by a licensed electrician. In the world of electricity the circuit breaker is one of the most important components to a safe and functional electrical circuit.

South Florida circuit breaker replacement.

A circuit breaker is a "switch" designed to stop the current of electricity when necessary. If a circuit is experiencing overload or a short circuit the circuit breaker should prevent any serious problems.

It is important to keep in mind that only a licensed professional electrician should work on these devices. They are potentially very dangerous, and tampering with them in the wrong way can have disastrous results. If you think your circuit breaker is having issues or if you just want to make sure it's up to the proper standards, give as a call and we can preform a complete inspection of your circuit breaker. If there is a problem it is vital that you get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Circuit breaker repair in South Florida.

Don't go shopping for a circuit breaker without expert advice. Some of the most common circuit breakers are low voltage circuit breakers, magnetic circuit breakers, and thermal magnetic circuit breakers. Each of these breakers has a similar function, but should only be used with certain circuits.

For example, a high voltage circuit breaker should not be used for a home circuit. Circuit breakers can be used for more purposes, such as light shows that can have a trip switch to keep the electricity flowing while the breaker is activated. The point is that whether your besting the Jones's at Christmas decorations or a holding a stadium concert, before you get into a major project requiring electrical expertise, give us a call.