Choosing the right ceiling fan can be very difficult when you have so many to choose from.

While some homeowners want to try to install the ceiling fans themselves, there is good reason to have a professional electrician install your ceiling fans.. Ceiling fans are a useful and decorative feature in any home. There are ceiling fans for outdoor living areas as well as indoors. While some ceiling fans have lights, some do not so you need to consider what you want the ceiling fan to add to your home. How about the cost to run your ceiling fans? Ceiling fans are rated for their energy efficiency, so do your homework, and consult with our expert electricians, we can help you choose the best ceiling fans for your needs.

Properly installed ceiling fans are beneficial in both winter and summer. During the winter in south Florida, you can open the windows and enjoy a breeze, but when the air is not moving, the ceiling fans can really help make the home more comfortable.

When the weather is hot, the ceiling fan can provide a cool breeze. The temperature of the room is not lowered by a fan, but the movement of the air can make one feel cooler. If it is cooler outside, a ceiling fan can circulate and bring the cooler air in through an open window. Successful air circulation can make a room feel up to eight degrees cooler. For optimal efficiency, during warm weather, a ceiling fan should be revolving in a counter clockwise motion.

During winter or cooler weather, ceiling fans push the warm air that has risen to ceiling back down where it can be use utilized. Your ceiling fan should run in a clockwise direction to pull warm air down. Cut down on your heating energy costs by using a ceiling fan.

Proper installation of ceiling fans is important for safety. Blades should be a certain length and distance from the ceiling. There are recommended specifications for correct ceiling fan installation. Ceiling fans come in various sizes, and the size of the room determines the size of fan. High ceilings require that the fan have an extension pole to make it the correct height. Since a ceiling fan is like having a major appliance hanging over your head, insuring proper support for the fan is a serious consideration.

Our licensed electrician, are experienced in ceiling fan installations. This will insure that all necessary safety issues are considered. We will make sure necessary supports are in place, and that wiring for your ceiling fan is done correctly. Our electricians will install the ceiling fan correctly so it does not wobble and you will get the full use and benefits from your new ceiling fan.